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At Adoption Facilitation Services, our goal is to find every child a loving home.
Below you'll find the birthmoms who are currently working with us.  Each birthmother is first introduced to families who have signed with us.  

Sometimes, however, we have birthmothers who are not a good fit with our existing couples. In those situations, we open our search to families across the country.

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You'll find answers to many question about adoption, including the cost of an adoption and how long it takes to complete a successful adoption, in our Letter to Prospective Adoptive Parents.

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Caucasian/African-American baby due in April 2017


Darlene is a beautiful, 29-year-old young lady and a former professional model. She is African American, 5' 9" tall, 170 lbs., with brown eyes and black hair. She does not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or use any illegal drugs. In addition to being very pretty, she is extemely smart and very musical. When she was younger, she played the piano, viola and the flute. She loves music and is an avid hiker.

Darlene also attended junior college and has a Certified Nursing Assistant degree. She is a single mom with four young children, who are living with family members until she delivers.

The birthfather, Andy, is Caucasian, 5' 10" tall, 180 lbs., with blue eyes and blonde hair. He doesn't not use any illegal drugs, is extremely mechanical, and works full-time. Andy knows about the pregnancy and is willing to sign the adoption papers.

Darlene will consider all two-parent families: same-sex or traditional couples. She would like a family that is either Christian or spiritual. After the birth she would like to receive emails, photos and texts. When the baby turns 18, she would like the adoptive family to be comfortable with the child contacting her, if the child wants to.

We have an ultrasound confirming Darlene's pregnancy. She believes she will be able to learn the baby's gender in two to three weeks, at the next ultrasound.



3/4 Caucasian // 1/4 Hispanic baby due 3-30-17


Brittany is of German ancestry, 5' tall, 110 lbs., with hazel eyes and brown hair. She smokes a few cigarettes a day and does not use any illegal drugs or drink alcohol. Brittany is very artistic and loves doing crafts. She is a single mom with several young children and totally overwhelmed trying to support them. Brittany has worked with us on an earlier adoption, and she feels that adoption is the best choice for this baby as well.

The birthfather is of Caucasian/ Hispanic descent, 6' 2" tall, 220 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He has not offered Brittany any financial support, and his rights will be terminated by the attorney.

Brittany is open to single moms, gay couples and traditional families. She would like to get to know the adoptive family during the pregnancy. She would also like them present after the birth and wants to stay in touch through emails, texts and photos.



1/4 Caucasian // 3/4 African-American girl due 2-15-17


Kari is a very pretty, biracial 21-year-old young lady. She is 5’ 6” tall, 130 lbs., with brown eyes and black hair. Kari is drug-free and does not use alcohol or smoke cigarettes. As a single mom with a six-month-old son and a two-year-old daughter, she knows she is unable to support a third at this time.

Kari graduated from culinary school and loves being a chef. Right now, however, she is unemployed and living in Section 8 housing.

The birthfather is African American, 5’ 9” tall, with black hair and brown eyes. He is the father of Kari’s two-year-old daughter and agrees that adoption is the right decision for this baby.

Kari is open to single moms and traditional couples. She would like to stay in touch through emails, texts, and Facebook after the baby is born.


Ginny                                         Matched                             

Hispanic boy due 10-1-16


Ginny is of Hispanic decent, 29 years old, 5’ tall, 100 lbs., with dark, straight hair and big brown eyes. She has two boys who do not live with her. Her last baby was taken by CPS because she used drugs during that pregnancy. Ginny has now been clean and sober for the past 2.5 years and hopes to become a drug counselor.

She describes herself as mellow, friendly and sometimes shy. Ginny likes to draw and write poetry.

The birthfather is Hispanic, and we do not know much about him at this time. The adoption attorney will need to terminate his rights.

Ginny is open to whatever type of contact the adoptive parents prefer. She would like to match with either a single mom or a heterosexual family.


Tasha                                   Matched                       

African-American boy due mid-October


Tasha is a very pretty, 26-year-old African-American young woman. She is 5’ 5” tall, weighs 225 lbs., and has lovely brown eyes and a truly great smile. She is intelligent and well-spoken. She loves music and was an athlete, participating in her high school’s basketball team.

Tasha does not smoke, drink alcohol, or use any illegal drugs. She has a darling, healthy one-year-old daughter. Tasha knows that she is unable to provide for an additional child at this time and is looking for a family who can give her son a lot of life opportunities.

The birthfather is African American. His whereabouts are unknown. The adoption attorney will have to terminate his rights.

Tasha is open to all kinds of families: straight families, gay families, and single parents.


Nikki                                     Matched                                   

Hispanic boy due 9-7-16


Nikki is a very pretty, 23-year-old Hispanic young woman. She is 5’ 3” tall , 110 lbs., with brown eyes and shoulder-length wavy, light brown hair. She has one young child who does not live with her. Nikki believes she is too young to be a mom and wants her baby to grow up with a family that can give him a good life.

Nikki describes herself as very happy, with an upbeat personality. She loves dancing, singing and working out. She enjoys going to church and the movies with her family as well as cooking and cleaning with her mom. In high school she was a solid-B student and hopes to become an EMT in the near future.

Nikki has used Vicoden (prescribed post-surgery) throughout the pregnancy (once every other day). Her doctor is aware of this and is weaning her off of it. Nikki says she does not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or marijuana or use any illegal drugs.

The birthfather is Hispanic, knows about the pregnancy, and has agreed to sign the adoption paperwork.

Nikki is open to staying in contact if the adoptive parents are interested in staying in touch after the baby is born. She is open to working with single moms and traditional families.


Mimi                                           Matched                      

3/4 Caucasian // 1/8 Hispanic // 1/8 Native American boy due 6-13-16


Mimi is a beautiful young woman, Caucasian, with brown hair and hazel eyes. She is 5' 1" tall and weighs 160 lbs. Mimi has three young children and knows she cannot raise a fourth on her meager salary at Wal-Mart. Her daughter is in elementary school and is in the gifted and talented program. Her youngest two are toddlers; they are active and engaging. Mimi is quite artistic; she loves making jewelry and doing activities with her children. Mimi smokes three to five cigarettes a day but does not use illegal drugs or drink alcohol. Mimi has received excellent prenatal care and will be delivered by C-section on June 13.

The birthfather is 6' 3" tall, of Caucasian/Hispanic descent, with some Native American heritage. The baby will be 1/8th Native American. The adoption attorney working with Mimi is in the process of terminating the tribal rights. The birthfather knows about the pregnancy and agrees with the adoption. He and Mimi are not together, but he has requested photos once a year so he knows the baby is healthy, happy and thriving.

Mimi is looking for either a single mom or a traditional family. They must live in California, so they can sign the legally binding contact agreement, which will be attached to the adoption decree. Mimi will only go with families that want a very open adoption and will agree to yearly visits with her and her three children. Both Mimi and her kids want to be able to be part of the baby's life as he grows up.


Jamie                                  Matched                                           

1/4 Caucasian // 3/4 Hispanic baby due mid-November


Jamie is a very pretty 31 year old of Caucasian/Hispanic descent. She is 5' 1" tall, 150 lbs., with hazel eyes, a beautiful smile, and brown hair. Jamie smokes two cigarettes a day but does not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs. She is a single mom with two young children and knows she cannot support another at this time. She is very mechanical and has an upbeat personality. Jamie has relinquished three babies through our practice, and they are all healthy and thriving.

The birthfather is 39 years old, of Hispanic descent, 6' tall, and 230 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. Nancy has personally interviewed him, and he is on board with the adoption and will sign the paperwork.

Jamie is open to all types of families: same-sex couples, single parents, and traditional families. She would like to stay in touch after the baby is born through emails, texts, and photos.


Bea                                 Matched                                                  

Caucasian baby due 11-23-16


Bea is of Sicilian/Armenian descent, 30 years old, 4' 9" tall, 149 lbs., with hazel eyes and beautiful, dark brown curls. She smokes ten cigarettes a day and is trying very hard to stop. She has not used either alcohol or illegal drugs during this pregnancy. Bea describes herself as an active, fun-loving and caring individual. She likes gardening, sewing, cleaning and fashion design. This will be Bea's sixth baby and her fourth adoption with us.

The birthfather is Caucasian with brown eyes and blondish brown hair. He was a one-night stand, and the adoption attorney will need to terminate his rights.

Bea wants a family that will provide unconditional love to her child. She is open to single parents, same-sex couples, and traditional families. She would like to receive texts, emails, and photos after the birth.


Polly                             Matched                                                   

3/4 Caucasian / 1/4 Filipino girl due 8-19-16


Polly is Caucasian, in her late 20s, 5' 4" tall, and 180 lbs. She has green eyes and brown hair. She smokes cigarettes but does not drink alcohol and has not used any illegal substances during her pregnancy. She has two young children who do not live with her. Polly likes reading magazines, going for hikes, beading, and listening to music.

Allen, the birthfather, is Caucasian/Filipino. He is in his 40s, 5' 7" tall, 175 lbs., with hazel eyes and brown hair. The birthfather is unemployed and agrees with the adoption plan.

Polly is looking for either a single mom or a heterosexual couple that will stay in touch with her through emails, photos, and a Facebook page after the baby is born.

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