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At Adoption Facilitation Services, our goal is to find every child a loving home.        
Below you'll find the birthmoms we are currently working with.  Each birthmother is first introduced to families who have signed with us.  

Sometimes, however, we have birthmothers who are not a good fit with our existing couples. In those situations, we open our search to families across the country.

If you are interested in learning more about our adoption program, click here and fill out a brief form. Our website will instantly send you in-depth answers to many common questions, such as the cost of an adoption and how long it takes, on average, to complete a successful adoption.



Hispanic girl due mid-September 2014


Rose is a beautiful young lady, 21 years old, with big, brown eyes and silky, dark brown hair. She is currently in college studying English. Rose was adopted and grew up in a wonderful family with very supportive parents. She does not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and has never used illegal drugs. She is quite an adventurer, having lived in Europe on her own and spent time volunteering at a wildllife refuge shelter in Zimbabwe. A lover of all animals, Rose volunteers at a local animal shelter. She lives at home with her parents and will not need help with prenatal expenses.

The birthfather is approximately 6' 2" tall. He is a college student and is very athletic.

Rose is looking for a two-parent family (either heterosexual or same-sex). She wants at least one of the parents to have dark hair, so the baby will look similar to them. Rose will only consider adoptive parents who are in their 30s and are financially stable. She wants the baby to have all the opportunities she has had growing up. Rose wants to personally meet prospective adoptive parents before making a final decision about whom she wants to parent the baby. She has not yet decided exactly what kind of contact she desires after birth. At this point, she says she wants minimal contact but may decide to receive a photo once a year.


Penny                                         Matched               

Caucasian/African American baby due mid-June 2014


Penny is 39 years old, 5' 3" tall and weighs 127 lbs. She has green eyes and blonde hair. She does not smoke cigarettes, use alcohol or use illegal drugs. Penny is currently incarcerated for 90 days for passing a bad check. She will be out of jail before the baby is born. Penny has relinquished two babies through our practice. They are both doing extremely well and developing normally. Penny was happy with her adoption decision and believes that adoption is the right choice for this baby as well.

Penny completed her GED and is a certified nursing assistant. She has also worked for many years as a waitress.

The birthfather is African American, 6' 3" tall and works in construction. He is not interested in parenting this baby and will sign the adoption papers.

Penny is open to all types of families: gay, lesbian, single moms and heterosexual couples. She would like to receive photos and emails after the baby is born. What's most important to her is finding a loving family.



All-Caucasian or 3/4 Caucasian/1/4 Hispanic baby due mid-August


Luci is Caucasian, 5' 2", 165 lbs. with reddish brown hair and brown eyes. She is a very sweet young lady and worked with us on an adoption several years ago. She was extremely cooperative and very appreciative that we were able to find her a wonderful family to raise her baby. Luci smokes about four to five cigarettes a day and is very proud of herself for cutting down from half a pack a day since she got pregnant. She has used some meth in the past but stopped completely and is very willing to be tested throughout the pregnancy.

Her children are adorable and very smart. Her 14-year-old daughter gets straight A's and is on the honor roll.

There are two possible birthfathers. Birthfather #1 is Caucasian/Hispanic, 6' 6" tall and weighs approximately 220 lbs. He has brown eyes and black hair. Birthfather #2 is Caucasian, 5' 9" tall with a medium build and brown hair and brown eyes. Both guys are unknown and the adoption attorney will need to terminate their rights.

Luci is open to all families: gay, lesbian, single moms and traditional families. She would like to receive letters, photos and updates about how the baby is developing after the birth.


Tabitha                                     Matched          

Caucasian/Puerto Rican baby due 8-14-14


Tabitha is a very pretty young lady, 22 years old, 5' 3" tall, 140 lbs. with hazel eyes and long silky brown hair. She does not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs. She has completed her first year of community college and hopes to go back to complete her degree as soon as she can. This is Tabitha's second pregnancy. She relinquished a baby for adoption three years ago and feels that adoption is the best option for this baby as well.

Tabitha says that she is a girly girl. She loves clothes, especially shoes. Being outdoors, hiking and camping are activities that she really enjoys, and her favorite sport is volleyball.

The birthfather is Puerto Rican but looks Caucasian. He knows about the pregnancy and has totally disappeared. The adoption attorney will need to terminate his rights.

Tabitha wants a totally closed adoption. She is willing to meet the adoptive parents before the birth if they insist. She can also meet them at the birth, but her first choice is not to meet them at all. She just wants to be assured that they will love the baby and give him/her a wonderful life.


Ali                                       Matched    

Caucasian baby due September 2014


Ali is 36 years old, 5' 2" tall, 130 lbs. with hazel eyes and auburn hair. She smokes a few cigarettes a day but does not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs. She is a very intelligent young lady and is five credits short of getting her bachelor's degree. Once she completes her undergraduate education she hopes to eventually go to law school. Ali has three children. Her eldest daughter is an excellent student, plays the flute and is in the choir. Her elementary-aged son is very bright and is doing well academically. Ali has relinquished two children for adption and believes that adoption is the best choice for this baby as well.

The birthfather is Caucasian with light brown hair and brown eyes. We will be finding out more information about him soon.

Ali is open to single parents, gay couples and traditional families. She would like to stay in touch with the family through letters, emails and photos after the birth.

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