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Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph. D.
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Nancy Hurwitz Kors is a wonderful woman.  I have known her for 10 years, and she has been like a second mother to me.  She has done more for me than anyone I can think of.

I have worked with Nancy on five adoptions.  Each time she found a wonderful family for my baby.

Nancy cared about my feelings.  Pregnancy is never easy, and the adoption process can have its ups and downs.  But she made the experience a happy one because she was always thinking about me and what I was going through.  She cared about me and my baby.

Nancy was even there when I gave birth.  She held my hand and gave me a shoulder to cry on. 

She does a wonderful job, and I love her dearly.




Placing my child for adoption was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I was worried that I would never find the right couple, one who would love and care for him as much as I would.  But also knowing deep down that I just could not handle having another child to raise, I contacted an attorney about the adoption, and the next thing I know, I got a phone call from Nancy.

In the midst of all my frustration and worry, she was the bright ray of sunshine. 

Nancy said, “Let’s go to lunch and I’ll tell you about a couple I think you will like.”  After learning about the couple and talking to them on the phone, we chose to meet.  I am so grateful to Nancy for introducing them to me because we hit it off right away.  I could tell after spending just hours with them that they were the ones to raise, love and care for my son. 

During my pregnancy the adoptive mother came to my doctor’s appointment with me.  We formed a friendship and a bond that is still growing even after their son was born.  It has been a wonderful experience, and I have no question in my heart that my child is where he was meant to be.

I am so thankful to Nancy for matching me with a couple that is perfect for my child, for being there whenever I needed to talk, and above all for not judging me for the choice I was making but understanding what I was going through.  Thank you, Nancy.




As soon as they told me I was pregnant, I started thinking about adoption.  My daughter Haley is five years old, and I knew I couldn’t take care of another child.  I came to Nancy to put my baby up for adoption. 

I’m so glad I did.  Nancy’s a very special person.  I felt like I could talk to her.  She was always there for me too, every step of the way, making sure I was doing okay, physically and financially. 

I’d given up a baby before, through an agency.  That was totally different.  They didn’t care about me at all.  They stuck me in an apartment in a place where I didn’t know anybody and just left me there.  But Nancy — she really cared.  One time, something urgent came up in my family, and I had to leave Haley to take care of it. 

Nancy helped out by taking care of her for the day, taking Haley to the park and making her spaghetti.  After that, Haley would laugh and say, “I want to go to Nancy’s.  I want to eat spaghetti.”

She was just as helpful when it came to choosing a family.  Some of the families, they wanted a woman with a perfect past, a birthmother straight out of Harvard.  Nancy introduced me to a family that really accepted me for who I am. 

The adoptive family and I, we’ve had a great relationship.  I talk with them on the phone, and they’re always sending me pictures and letters, showing me how healthy and smart my baby is.  While I was pregnant, they gave Haley the greatest birthday party you could imagine.  And they were there for me at the hospital, for the birth. 

Nancy offered to be there too.  That meant a lot to me.

Giving life is such an awesome experience, and I’m glad I was able to share that with a family.  It was the best thing for me and my daughter too.



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