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If you're a birthmother looking for adoptive parents, below you'll find a few of our unmatched families.  To learn more about them, or to hear about our other prospective adoptive parents, give us a call at 925-938-6600.

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Johnathan and Tony                            It's twins!

Edison Antonio (6 lbs. 12 oz.) & Lucas Wilder (5 lbs. 8 oz.), born on 10-25-18

Hi, we are Johnathan and Tony, and we’re very happy to introduce ourselves. We are incredibly excited to be on this journey to parenthood and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to adopt and provide a baby with a loving home.

We have been together for three and a half years and were married in Paris in January of this year. On our first date we discussed our desire to have children, and as our love grew, it was quickly clear that we had matching philosophies of parenting: unconditional love, education, cultural experiences, and the opportunity to see the world together, as a family.


John and Alexis                 

Hi! Our names are John and Alexis. We are thrilled about the prospect of welcoming a baby into our family. And we’re delighted to introduce ourselves and share a little about our lives here in Wyoming, the Cowboy State.

We live in a small mountain town that is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, expansive mountain ranges, access to the National Parks, incredible skiing in the winter, and beautiful summers. The community is very connected and supportive. It includes a great mix of people, from entrepreneurs and outdoor athletes, big city executives and people seeking a healthy lifestyle. We have an incredible school system, along with the best farmers’ markets and outdoor music festivals.


Mandy and Matt                          Matched

Our names are Mandy and Matt. We’re excited about adopting and delighted to have this opportunity to tell you about our family. It’s a wonderful story.

We met more than 20 years ago, during college in Iowa. Soon Matt won Mandy’s heart. As a new couple, we journeyed across the county, first to Lawrence, Kansas, then to San Jose, California. We got a dog, bought a gorgeous house, and decided to finalize our union with a great wedding in one of the city’s most beautiful parks.


Jessica and Ted                           Matched

Hi, our names are Jessica and Ted, and this cutie here is our son Teddy. All of us are excited about expanding our family through adoption.

Our love story has deep roots. In fact, it goes back to when we were kids. Our brothers were best friends, and soon we became friends too. Even then, we recognized something special in each other. But it wasn’t until much later, after college, that our relationship became romantic. After it did, we got engaged and moved to the Napa Valley, to a four-bedroom home where we could raise a family. 


Shelley and Drew                       Matched

Greetings from Texas! Our names are Shelley and Drew, and this is our three-year-old daughter Kendall. We live in Dallas and are passionate about faith and family. We're excited about expanding our family through adoption. Kendall is excited, too, about becoming a big sister.

We believe in providing love, support, and educational opportunity for our children. Kendall began learning sign language at six months, and she started studying Spanish at 18 months. She also attends tap, ballet and gymnastics, which she just loves. These are activities and opportunities we will provide to our next child as well. 


Leandra and Darrell                     It's a boy!

Brody Thomas (5 lbs. 10 oz.), born on 10-12-18

Hi, we’re Leandra and Darrell. Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know us. We are excited about our adoption journey and look forward to meeting you.

A little about ourselves: Leandra grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis, and Darrell grew up in San Diego. We met about 10 years ago through work and have been married for almost six years. A year ago we decided to move to Arizona, and today we live in a great, family-friendly neighborhood with Addison, Logan and Kennedy, our three beautiful children. 


Abby and John        

Hi! We are Abby and John. We live in a beautiful town in Connecticut that is perfect for raising a family. From the excellent schools, the town’s six parks, the nearby farm, walk trails and the science center, not to mention the children’s museum, there is just so much to do and so much to enjoy as a family.

We have been married for almost eight years and went on our first date about nine years ago. But in fact, our connection goes way deeper than that. Our families have been friends for over 30 years, and they are the ones who set us up. After our marriage, we were blessed with the addition of our daughter Lilly, whom we adopted in May 2015.      


Jill and Roberto       

Hello! Our names are Jill and Roberto. We live in a small town in Northern California. It’s a peaceful community with a vibrant culture and a fantastic education system, a great place, we think, to raise a family.

We have a happy marriage and a remarkable love story. We grew up in different corners of the continent, and yet somehow we found each other. Jill was raised in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan; Roberto grew up on the south side of Chicago, more than 1,000 miles away. We first crossed paths when Jill was 19, when she moved to the U.S. for college.  


Kelsy                                     Matched

Hello! My name is Kelsy. I’m a businesswoman, a technology entrepreneur, and first and foremost, I’m a mother. I have three beautiful young boys — Dakota, Colorado and Wyatt — and we are all excited about expanding our family.

We live in Montana, the Big Sky State. Our home is three stories high, with plenty of space to read and relax or play hide and seek. The house is located three miles from a midsize city, which makes it the perfect location for family hikes, biking trips, and backpacking adventures.  


Tina and Carlos            

Hi, our names are Tina and Carlos. We have been together for eight years, and we have a big family, including lots of aunts, uncles and cousins who are as excited as we are to welcome a new baby into our family.

Adoption has played a prominent role in our family story. Both Tina and her sister were adopted when they were babies. As Tina’s parents told her, she was chosen because she was special. That’s the way we see adoption: as an opportunity to welcome a baby into our home and make our new child feel truly special. 


Freda and Victor

Hello! We are Freda and Victor. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. We are a Christian couple, happily married for 19 years, and we are the very proud parents of our adopted daughter Ally, who just turned 3. The three of us appreciate every moment that we spend together, and we know that the only thing that could make our lives better is welcoming another child into our happy family.

We’re an international family. Both of us were born in Italy, and we lived in the U.S. from 1998 to June 2017. Recently we relocated to Madrid, with the hope of returning to the U.S. in two years.  



Hi, my name is Kristen, and I'm grateful for your consideration as an adoptive parent. I know, more than most, the blessing that adoption can be, since I was adopted at birth myself. I received so much love and support from my family, and now I want to “pay it forward,” to share that love with a child of my own.

During the day, I work as a high school math teacher here in Idaho. I am also the resident musician at the school. I play piano and guitar and usually have a few students in my classroom during lunch, all of us playing guitars together. When I’m not at work, I spend time with my family and with my two dogs, Chloe and Bailey.  


Lisa and Tim                      

Hi! Our names are Lisa and Tim. We are a family of four who is excited about becoming a family of five through adoption. As a family, we love to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature and going on adventures in scenic places with our two boys, Hank and Sean. They are both thrilled by the prospect of sharing future adventures with a new little brother or sister.

We live in a wonderful town in the North Bay area of California. People here make an active lifestyle a priority. Everyone walks, bikes, or jogs, and we do too! Our home is on an acre of mostly-wooded land, and we have some beautiful parks and open space close by.   


Kerri and Brandon   

Hi! Our names are Kerri and Brandon, and we are excited to meet you and tell you about our family. We have three older children: Kurtis, Drew and Sidney. Kurtis is 24 years old, Drew is 22, and Sidney is 18. Although Kurtis and Drew do not live with us, they do come home all the time to visit. Sidney still lives at home and is thrilled to have a new baby in the family.

We met through a mutual friend in 2007 and dated for three years before we were married in 2010.


Emma and Simon           

Hello! We are Emma and Simon, and we are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce our family. The gift of surrogacy gave us our son Edward (whom we call by his nickname, Teddy), and we are excited to bring a much-wanted baby brother or sister into our little family through adoption.

Our family hails from across the pond. Emma was raised in the north of England, and Simon was raised in both England and Singapore. Today we live in London, where we were fortunate to buy our home in a very child-friendly neighborhood. We have been married for eight years. Our son Teddy is now four years old and has recently started kindergarten.


Francine and Frank

Hi, we are an adventurous, loving, and fully involved family from gorgeous Alaska. Our family was blessed when we adopted Sage, and all of us (including grandparents, aunt and uncles) are excited about expanding our family. We’re ready for a second dream come true!

The two of us met many years ago while working at the same high school. After years of friendship, our relationship blossomed into romance when a huge snowstorm hit our town. Amid the howling wind, the electricity shut off in Francine’s barn. Frank, a true gentleman, offered to help.  



Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Growing up, I was the youngest of six kids. I have wonderful memories of the adventures I had with my siblings: playing sports, board games, going on family skiing vacations. I’m hoping to become a mother through adoption, as I would love to provide that same kind of joy for a child of my own.

I live in Minneapolis, the heart of the North Star State. My home is located in one of our city’s great cultural centers, near an old fashioned movie theater and just one block away from a huge children’s park with a jungle gym, tennis and basketball courts, and a swimming pool



Hello, I'm Heather, and I am excited to introduce myself. My commitment to adoption began a few years back, and I am ready to move forward and become a mom.

I live in California, in a small, rural community about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco. I bought my home about six years ago with a future family in mind. It is a four-bedroom home with lots of room to raise a child. I have a nice backyard where my dogs can play, and it's right across from the local high school. All the nearby schools are very well ranked.      

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