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If you're a birthmother looking for adoptive parents, below you'll find a few of our unmatched families.  To learn more about them, or to hear about our other prospective adoptive parents, give us a call at 925-938-6600.

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Emma and Simon           

Hello! We are Emma and Simon, and we are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce our family. The gift of surrogacy gave us our son Edward (whom we call by his nickname, Teddy), and we are excited to bring a much-wanted baby brother or sister into our little family through adoption.

Our family hails from across the pond. Emma was raised in the north of England, and Simon was raised in both England and Singapore. Today we live in London, where we were fortunate to buy our home in a very child-friendly neighborhood. We have been married for eight years. Our son Teddy is now four years old and has recently started kindergarten.


Kerri and Blair

Hi! We are Blair and Kerri, and we are so excited to tell you a bit about ourselves and our daughter, Lexi. We have always known we wanted children, and we would love to complete our family through adoption. Even Lexi has been researching adoption and is excited to meet her new brother or sister!

We live in a small, beautiful town in the Southeast. We have about five acres of land, so there is plenty of room to play outside.  


Lisa and Tim         

Hi! Our names are Lisa and Tim. We are a family of four who is excited about becoming a family of five through adoption. As a family, we love to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature and going on adventures in scenic places with our two boys, Hank and Sean. They are both thrilled by the prospect of sharing future adventures with a new little brother or sister.

We live in a wonderful town in the North Bay area of California. People here make an active lifestyle a priority. Everyone walks, bikes, or jogs, and we do too! Our home is on an acre of mostly-wooded land, and we have some beautiful parks and open space close by.   


Aimee and Luke                   It's a girl!

Anika Jerilee (5 lbs. 14 oz.), born on 9-27-17

Hello, we are Aimee and Luke and are happy to introduce ourselves to you! We met through a mutual school friend 14 years ago and have just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. Both of us grew up in Australia, and we moved to the United States three years ago. It’s been a big change, but we love America, live in a great community, and now have a wonderful network of making American friends.

Aimee was born in Sri Lanka but was adopted by an Australian family when she was four months old. Her Australian family was big and loving and supportive, and Aimee loved growing up with two great older brothers. Her adoptive parents always supported her decision to find her birth parents, and in 2004, she reconnected with her birth family in Sri Lanka.  


Kelli and Joe                     It's a boy!

Conner Wesley (7 lbs. 14 oz.), born on 9-15-17

Hello! We are Joe and Kelli, and we are thrilled to introduce ourselves. Both of us come from large, loving families, and we are looking forward to welcoming a child into a family of our own.

Our life together has been about good luck and good love from the very beginning. In fact, our first meeting was due to a chance encounter. We had a friend in common, and all three of us happened to be at the same place at the same time. When our friend stepped away, we were left to make small talk — and found out that we had a lot in common.


Holly and Chris                      Matched

Hi, we are Holly and Chris. We feel blessed to be the parents of our three beautiful children, MaKayla, Taylor and Alyssa. We are excited about adoption and eager to expand our great family.

We are a family of faith. Over the course of 18 wonderful years of marriage, we have been able to share our passions for literature, travel, sports, spirituality and the outdoors. Our home sits on four acres of land and has been a great place for our children to ride bikes and play with friends.    


Katrina and Craig                       It's a boy!

Callum Steven (7 lbs. 3 oz.), born on 9/7/17

Hello! We are Craig and Katrina. Ever since we were married six years ago, we have hoped to start a family through adoption. We are thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents.

We live in a small town in the Colorado mountains that is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty. Our community is defined by how family-oriented it is and how neighborly the people are. Years ago, when our town experienced some terrible flooding, we all came together and helped our neighbors in need. Soon our town was revitalized.     


Kim and Noah               It's a girl!

Jubilee Rose (9 lbs. 2 oz.), born on 8/19/17

Hi, our names are Kim and Noah. We are a family formed through adoption, and we are elated by the possibility of growing our family even bigger. Both of us come from big families, and our goal is to have a big family of our own.

Parenthood has been the best stage of our marriage. Since adopting our two beautiful sons, Kelvin and Kai, our family has gone on all kinds of adventures together. You’ll find us hiking in the mountains of California and building sandcastles at a beach just a short drive from our home.


Kristi and James                  Matched

Hi, we’re Kristi and James. We live in northern California, and we’ve been married for almost 15 years. James grew up here, and we’ve been living here now for about 10 years. It’s a beautiful area. We love living near the ocean (you can see it from our backyard!) since we’re both active in surfing, sailing, diving and fishing.

Both of us come from big families, with lots of cousins for any children we have to play with.  


Sarah                                  It's a boy!

James Bradley (7 lbs. 4 oz.), born on 7/7/17

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m delighted to have this opportunity to tell you about myself and my family.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life. I grew up in one of the most stable, loving homes I have ever seen, with two devoted parents who are still happily married after more than 54 years. With their support, I achieved significant success, first in academics and now in business.


Alicia and James     

Hi, our names are Alicia and James. We have a beautiful home in the country on eight acres of land, which has been a wonderful place to raise our big family. We have six children, spanning a great range from our eldest, Taylor, who is 19, to our youngest, Brielle, who is 1.5 years old and full of joy. All of us are excited to expand our family further through adoption.

We are a family of faith. In fact, we met 22 years ago through mutual friends at our church.


Jina                                Matched

Hi, I’m Jina. It’s so nice to get this opportunity to share a little about myself. My life has been blessed with an incredible family, amazing friends, and a successful career, which has allowed me to travel all over the world. I have visited the beautiful beaches of Melbourne, Australia, and savored the delicious pasta in southern Italy.

Back home, I’m based in southern California, where I’m a partner at a film and television company. I love my work because it gives me the opportunity to tell the stories of amazing people.


Rachel and Aaron                  Matched

Hi, our names are Rachel and Aaron, and we’re delighted to introduce ourselves. Our family’s story begins many years ago, on the West Coast in a small town called Oregon City, on a very lucky day when we were both out walking our dogs. We met and got to talking. Soon enough, we fell for each other, and in December 2008, we finally tied the knot.

Today we live on the East Coast in a three-story brownstone in a wonderful, family-friendly neighborhood a short drive from the nation’s capital. For many years Rachel has worked for our state’s Department of Education. Aaron is looking forward to setting his career aside to become the neighborhood’s best stay-at-home dad.


Ashley and Kent    

Hello! We're Ashley and Kent, and we are glad to meet you. We’re excited to share the story of our family with you. We live in a small town about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and though the town is nice, we are moving soon to an area that will offer even more opportunities for a young child. By mid-June, we will have a home in a nearby suburb and are looking forward to more city parks, a neighborhood filled with kids and young families, and several very good school districts.

It will be a great, new chapter to our story, which began in graduate school. We met and became good friends right away.  



Hi, my name is Kristen, and I'm grateful for your consideration as an adoptive parent. I know, more than most, the blessing that adoption can be, since I was adopted at birth myself. I received so much love and support from my family, and now I want to “pay it forward,” to share that love with a child of my own.

During the day, I work as a high school math teacher here in Idaho. I am also the resident musician at the school. I play piano and guitar and usually have a few students in my classroom during lunch, all of us playing guitars together. When I’m not at work, I spend time with my family and with my two dogs, Chloe and Bailey.  


Francine and Frank

Hi, we are an adventurous, loving, and fully involved family from gorgeous Alaska. Our family was blessed when we adopted Sage, and all of us (including grandparents, aunt and uncles) are excited about expanding our family. We’re ready for a second dream come true!

The two of us met many years ago while working at the same high school. After years of friendship, our relationship blossomed into romance when a huge snowstorm hit our town. Amid the howling wind, the electricity shut off in Francine’s barn. Frank, a true gentleman, offered to help.  


Brenda and Tim     

Hi there! We're Brenda and Tim, and we are so pleased to introduce ourselves. We are thrilled at the possibility of adoption, welcoming a baby into our home as one of our own. Let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Brenda was born in West Virginia. Her family got a chance to experience the vast expanse of the country, moving to Indiana and then, when she was 15, on to Tennessee. Brenda’s parents were especially kind and loving people, which made everyone in the neighborhood eager to drop by. In Tennessee, Brenda pursued her passions for gymnastics and cheerleading.     


Gregg and Brooks       

Hi! We are Gregg and Brooks, and we are delighted to introduce ourselves and our son Thomas. We adopted Thomas in the autumn of 2015. This last year with our wonderful little boy has been amazing. We are so excited to adopt again, to welcome a new baby into our hearts and our home.

Both of us come from families with strong family bonds, and though our family members are now spread out around the country, we make it a priority to stay connected and visit each other frequently. At our home in Virginia, we have an amazing network of friends who have showered us with love and support as we became new dads.      


Tyler and Tim                               

Hey! We're Tyler and Tim, and we could not be more excited about the adoption process and the prospect of becoming dads. We met over eight years ago, became friends, and began dating soon after. We fell in love quickly and our relationship has gotten stronger with each passing year.

We live in Washington, D.C., and both work in politics. We're a funny pair: Tyler is a Democrat doing legislative work for progressives on Capitol Hill, and Tim is a Republican who does communications and media for conservative political campaigns.



Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Growing up, I was the youngest of six kids. I have wonderful memories of the adventures I had with my siblings: playing sports, board games, going on family skiing vacations. I’m hoping to become a mother through adoption, as I would love to provide that same kind of joy for a child of my own.

I live in Minneapolis, the heart of the North Star State. My home is located in one of our city’s great cultural centers, near an old fashioned movie theater and just one block away from a huge children’s park with a jungle gym, tennis and basketball courts, and a swimming pool



Hi! I'm Connie, and I am so happy to be able to introduce myself. I have dreamed of being a mom, and I’m thrilled to be embarking on the journey of adoption.

I live in a beautiful community outside of Seattle, where I own a townhouse. I spend my mornings either walking my dog Cody on the nature trails or down at the marina, which is within walking distance of my home. I studied the University of Oregon and have worked in property management for 25 years and love being a mentor to my employees.


Julie and Danny                                                    

Hello! We are Danny and Julie, and we are so pleased to have this opportunity to introduce our family. We are very excited about adopting, and our daughters, Madison and Aline, are looking forward to a baby almost as much as we are!

We live in western North Carolina, with the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains all around us. Even with a relatively rural setting, our area boasts an amazing collection of the arts, music, excellent schooling options, and a lot of history and natural beauty. Our home is within driving distance of the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico, both of which we visit regularly for family vacations.      



Hello, I'm Heather, and I am excited to introduce myself. My commitment to adoption began a few years back, and I am ready to move forward and become a mom.

I live in California, in a small, rural community about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco. I bought my home about six years ago with a future family in mind. It is a four-bedroom home with lots of room to raise a child. I have a nice backyard where my dogs can play, and it's right across from the local high school. All the nearby schools are very well ranked.      

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