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Nancy Hurwitz Kors, Ph. D.
Pregnant? Thinking about Adoption?

Adoption has been a blessing for David Strah.  Eight years ago he and his partner Barry Miguel came to us to adopt a baby.

Strah and Miguel are now the parents of two wonderful children, eight-year-old Zev and five-year-old Summer.  David Strah shared his family's adoption experiences in "Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood" (Putnum, 2003).  In his book, Strah speaks of the joys and challenges of his adoption journey and how his life has changed upon becoming a father

More than a memior, "Gay Dads" includes stories from two dozen gay couples who share their own unique, often inspiring experiences with adoption, in the process shedding welcome light on America's growing number of alternative families.

The book includes a beautiful black-and-white photo gallery by acclaimed photographer Kris Timkin, featuring each of the profiled families.

Strah's book has been met with a parade of positive reviews.  As author Gloria Steinem wrote, "Read 'Gay Dads' because it's a long overdue companion for gay dads and their kids, because it's proof

that fathers can be just as nurturing as mothers.... [It] is an intelligent, compassionate and important book."

Since its publication, "Gay Dads" has garnered the attention of prominent national organizations, like Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), in addition to coverage from major newspapers, including the New York Daily News and most recently, the New York Times.  In May 2005, Strah was invited to deliver a keynote speech on gay adoption at the Second Annual Adoption Policy Conference at New York Law School.

You can read more about Strah's family by clicking here.  To order his book, "Gay Dads," click here.


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