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If you're a birthmother looking for adoptive parents, below you'll find a few of our unmatched families.  To learn more about them, or to hear about our other prospective adoptive parents, give us a call at 925-938-6600.

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Sarina and Mathew                   Matched

My name is Sarina, and my husband is Mat. Both of us are very excited about the possibility of expanding our family through adoption, and we’re delighted to have this chance to tell you about ourselves.

Mat is the kindest person I know, and the two of us are ready to become parents. We can provide a warm, loving home for your baby, with full educational opportunity and steady parental support. And I want you to know that you will always be welcome in our home.  


Mandy and Matt                          It’s a boy!

Adam Joseph (7 lbs. 3 oz.), born on 1-10-20

Hi, we’re Mandy and Matt. Both of us come from large, extended and blended families. Open adoption fits well with our flexible definition of family. We are committed to ensuring our child has a strong sense of belonging in our home, as well as to their birth family and to their culture.

We live in San Jose, California and enjoy 300+ days of sunshine each year. We spend as much time as possible outdoors — in our garden, at the beach, or hiking the nearby hills with our two dogs.


Jill                              It's a girl!

Emersyn Grace (5 lbs. 14 oz.), born on 11-15-19

Hi, Im Jill! I am a fun-loving, active young woman who loves life, family, friends, and Jesus. Oh, and a good cup of coffee in the morning too! I am thankful for my small town upbringing, surrounded by my immediate and extended family, and I am excited about the possibility of becoming an adoptive mom.

Over the years I have built a career I'm very proud of. I also enjoy being active and trying new adventures, like biking with friends and going on some epic vacations with my family.


Aubree and Ben                      It's a girl!

Antalya Leen (7 lbs. 6 oz.), born on 12-7-19

Hello, we’re Aubree and Ben, and these are our daughters, Rinnah, who is 3 years old, and Providence, who is 1. We love our children, are excited about adopting, and are delighted to share these pages, which give a glimpse into the great adventure of our lives.

Our paths crossed very early, back when we were both in elementary school. Ben was shy, and he waited 12 years to ask Aubree out. Eventually we began dating, and after four years of a long-distance relationship, we got married and became parents.


Sandra and Walter          

Hello, our names are Sandra and Walter, and this is our seven-year-old daughter Belen. We are delighted to introduce ourselves and our family.

We met in Miami, Florida, working together in the same office. Walter received a job offer in Virginia, so we both moved and got married in Northern Virginia. We have been married now for 12 years. Today we live in the Washington metropolitan area. We absolutely love it here. We get to enjoy all four beautiful seasons with Belen, from playing in the snow to going swimming at our community pool, not to mention celebrating the Fourth of July with family and friends. Our house is very close to a lake.  



Hello, Im Marissa! Im happy to have this opportunity to tell you about myself and my amazing family. Im very fortunate to come from a tight-knit family. My parents are still happily married after more than 54 years, and I have three siblings who live near me. I have achieved significant success in my education and in my life, and with my familys encouragement and assistance, I am ready to move forward and become a mom. We are all ready to welcome a baby into our family with open arms.

The story of my family began when my parents met in Oregon, at Willamette University, before returning to California to finish school at Stanford.  


Fiorella and Kevin                            

Hi! Our names are Fiorella and Kevin. Were a Bay Area family with international roots. Fiorella is from Lima, Peru, and Kevin is from Belfast, Ireland. Today we have a home just south of San Francisco, and were excited about the possibility of expanding our family through adoption.

Our international love story begins, fittingly enough, on an international flight to China. In 2006 we met on the plane, began to talk, and it was undeniable: We both felt a spark.


Cassie and Matt                            

Hello from Team Cassie and Matt! Were a big, happy family with six boys, one girl, two dogs, three cats and two fun-loving parents. We didn't plan on having such a large family, but being parents to Hunter, Spencer, Reichard, Grayson, Landon, Emerson (Emi), and Hudson has been a great adventure, and now were looking forward to expanding our family further through adoption.

We live in Southern California, in a quiet town that reminds of our Midwestern roots.


John and Alexis                            

Hi! Our names are John and Alexis. We are thrilled about the prospect of welcoming a baby into our family. And we’re delighted to introduce ourselves and share a little about our lives here in Wyoming, the Cowboy State.

We live in a small mountain town that is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, expansive mountain ranges, access to the National Parks, incredible skiing in the winter, and beautiful summers. The community is very connected and supportive. It includes a great mix of people, from entrepreneurs and outdoor athletes, big city executives and people seeking a healthy lifestyle. We have an incredible school system, along with the best farmers’ markets and outdoor music festivals.


Keegan and Kyle          

Hi! Thank you for considering us as parents for your child. Our names are Keegan and Kyle, and we are from San Diego. We live with our two dogs, Bromley and Asa, in a beautiful community nestled between the ocean and the mountains. Our home is on a quiet cul de sac within walking distance of a neighborhood park and some excellent schools.

We have been together for nearly nine years and married for seven. Weve been inseparable since the beginning. Besides being deeply in love with each other, we are best friends and have learned that we can count on each other no matter what life presents.


Willa and Joseph                  

Hello! We are Willa and Joseph. Joseph is a sergeant in the United States Air Force, and Willa is a childrens librarian at the local Air Force base. Were a military family with a traditional, rural life.

We live in a farmhouse on a half-acre, fenced-in lot. Our home is surrounded by walnut groves (literally, our neighbors are few and far between). It is very peaceful and relaxing here. In our yard we have orange, persimmons, and plum trees that are beautiful all year long.


Jennifer and Jonathan   

Hello! We are Jonathan and Jennifer Webb and we are from Wisconsin. First off, we want to thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile and learn more about us.

Our adventure together began just over seven years ago when we met through mutual friends who were dating. We were both brought along on one of their dates, never having met before, and after that night the rest was history. It turned out that we were both working at the same hospital and had never crossed paths. Shortly thereafter, we found that we had a mutual love for dogs and added to our family with our wonderful dog, Gus.


Kerri and Brandon   

Hi! Our names are Kerri and Brandon, and we are excited to meet you and tell you about our family. We have three older children: Kurtis, Drew and Sidney. Kurtis is 24 years old, Drew is 22, and Sidney is 18. Although Kurtis and Drew do not live with us, they do come home all the time to visit. Sidney still lives at home and is thrilled to have a new baby in the family.

We met through a mutual friend in 2007 and dated for three years before we were married in 2010.


Kimberly and Bill  

Hi! We are Kimberly and Bill, and we cannot wait to connect with you. We live in the greater Washington D.C. area and have been married since 2011.

We love our neighborhood. One reason why is because a lot of our immediate and extended family members live in the area. Our community has great educational, artistic, and recreational opportunities too. In fact, our home is just a stone's throw from a wonderful children's park. Both of us are active in our community. Bill mentors African American business school and college students, and Kimberly has become a trusted source on special education for local parents.  

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